Thursday, 5 June 2014

*NEWS* Brunswick Local Says Fuck You To Gravity, Climbs Up Melbourne Skyscraper, 304 Metres!! (1000 FEET!!)

Two words: FUCK THAT! 

23 year-old Brunswick local Bryce Wilson said 'fuck you' to gravity when he climbed up 304 metres on Victoria and Australia's largest construction crane on an apartment being built across the road from Crown Casino. Bryce had this to say:

"I watched the coverage and it was almost like vilifying some idiot daredevil. One headline was literally 'Death Wish'. That kind of frustrated me a bit. It was almost like, why is it a death wish that I'm doing something I enjoy? I get that there's dangerous ramifications. That doesn't imply that I want to go and kill myself." - Sickcunt

He has earnt himself the nickname 'Australia's Spider-Man' by the media. The funny thing is that Bryce is a keen photographer aswell... coincidence? I think not.

I wonder what Stan Lee would have to say about that?


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