Thursday, 5 June 2014

*NEW VISUALS* Tyler The Creator on "Larry King Now"

"Tyler The Creator is the ring leader of the hip-hop collective Odd future, a group of friends and inventive minds who have spawned a unique artist renaissance taking hold of the millennial generation"
- Larry King (2014) 

Larry King sits down with Tyler The Creator and has a civilised conversation about who influenced him, how he got to where he is (d
o not underestimate the power of the internet), what annoys him (frogs and pretentious people), Loiter Squad, Earl Sweatshirt and many other things. 

His answer when asked what's his favourite city to perform in outside of the USA was: London is sick and Norway is sick, BUT, motherfucking Australia, love Melbourne, love Sydney. Sorry Europe...

Watch him get all quiet when 'mellome8' asks on Instagram "Any new developments on 'WOLF' the movie?" We could see a full length movie from Tyler in the future.

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