Monday, 2 June 2014

* NEW MUSIC* G-Unit - Fuk You Talkin' Bout + Robs Slowbucks chain in front of 80,000 people

That's right, you saw correct.... New G-G-G-G-UNITTT!
Incase you missed it yesterday, THE UNIT IS BACK!! 50 Cent is the master of strategy. He's been going around lately saying that there was a slim-to-no chance of a reunion and then what does he go and do? He goes and brings out Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck during his set at Summer Jam!

This is the first time 50 has graced the Summer Jam stage since he was banned 10 years ago for the chair incident. But if you look at the video below of this set, at the 11:00 mark, from what it looks like, two security guard looking dudes take some dude to the ground, quickly snatch his chain, then stand guard around 50 again?

Suss out "" for the run down on what lead this to happen. 

And then he goes and drops a new G-Unit track over the top of HS87's track 'Grindin' My Whole Life", one day before the release of his new album 'Animal Ambition', conveniently available to purchase in pre-packaged bundles at

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