Tuesday, 3 June 2014

*NEW MUSIC* 360 - Mat Cant's Utopia Mix [STREAM] + Track List

"Used to give a fuck, now I give a fuck less" 

You can now check out 360's new album thanks to this nice little 25 minute mix. All 17 tracks featured on the deluxe edition of the album have been mixed together by tour DJ, Mat Can't for our listening pleasure.

Get ready to hear more of these tracks on the radio in the near future. On a couple of tracks it sound like he's changed up his flow and trying to hard to channel ASAP Rocky instead of just being himself.

Not sure what I reckon about that but the standout tracks from this mix, 'Eddie Jones' and 'Speed Limit' sound very new school and have a very trappy sounding production

Here's the track-list ripped off of iTunes:

1. Still Rap
2. You and I
3. Live It Up (feat. PEZ)
4. Man On The Moon
5. Purple Waterfall (feat. Daniel Johns)
6. Price Of Fame (feat. Gossling)
7. Must Come Down (feat. PEZ)
8. Speed Limit

9. Early Warning (feat. Chris Cheney)
10. Sixavelli (feat. Lunar C)
11. Eddie Jones (feat. Miracle)
12. Spiral Down
13. By All Means
14. It's All About To End (feat. Daniel Johns)

Pre-order 'Utopia' at http://shop.360music.com.au/store/music/ or purchase in the stores from Friday 13th of June. 

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