Tuesday, 27 May 2014


As Meek Mill would say..."There's levels to this shit young boy"

After opening up for the one and only Eminem (a.k.a Slim Shady, a.k.a Marshall Mathers)60 Cent is beefing things up on the experiential side by announcing his biggest national tour of his career along with some lavish VIP packages for us to spend our precious Centrelink dollars on...  

Put away a couple of fortnights worth of your youth allowance and you can get yourself one of these:

'UTOPIA' packages include:
- GA ticket
- Attend Soundcheck
- 360 Utopia Tour Laminate
- Autographed Vinyl copy of Utopia
- Early access to the event
- Meet and greet w/ Selfie with Sixty
- Autographed Utopia Tour Poster
- Autographed 360 Cap
- Autographed 360 x Sol Republic Custom ‘Utopia” Headphones
- Stand side of Stage for 360’s Performance
Cost (including ticket): $1000 + booking fee

360 had this to say on FaceBook:

If you don't like the tour packages, don't buy them. It's that simple. The opportunity to be at the soundcheck and watch the entire show from the side of stage with limited edition 360 x sol republic headphones is a crazy opportunity for fans to get a taste of what goes on behind the scenes, u get to experience the show from MY perspective rather than a normal punter. Its not at all about "charging people for selfies" I actually love getting photos with fans, I'm sure there's some of you who know that first hand. The package is selling an experience."

Well, they gotta pay for this film clip somehow haha

Contribute to the '360' fund by pre-ordering 'Utopia', out June 13:

Catch him at Festival Hall in Melbourne, Friday, 12th September.

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